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Christian Education and Living : Testimonies


  • 2! A Book about Signs and Miracles from God - Coincidences of the number 2 are in this personal testimony. Poems and praises are included. 

  • About My Father's Business - Personal testimony from a Rock Singer that became a Christian and is now involved in prison ministries. 

  • Allison, Neal: House of Prayer - Shares his testimony and accepts prayer requests. 

  • Amelia: Love in the Lord - Testimony of a friendship that will last forever. 

  • AMF International: We've Found the Messiah - The testimonies of Jews who found Jesus. 

  • Atanasov, Zarko: The Darkest Night of My Life - A testimony of suffering with cancer, receiving chemotherapy with the side effects of nightmares, hallucination, fear, anger, paranoia and madness. At last PEACE of God. 

  • Bakas, John: God Exists - A lawyer and former atheist relates his testimony here. 

  • Baker, Don: He Invites - A collection of true-life experiences by people who have accepted God's invitation, complied by the He Invites Ministry. 

  • Barb's Faith Page - Shares testimony and faith in Jesus. 

  • Barker, Bruce - Lincoln, Maine. Testimony and photos. 

  • Baxter, Betty - The audio testimony of a dying girl healed by Jesus Christ. 

  • Bernadette's Bouquet of Blessings - Diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at the age of five, this women tells of her life and faith in the Lord. 

  • Brooks, Karen: Love Notes From Heaven - Personal testimonies dedicated to Jesus Christ. Also includes our daily bread, and some original poems. 

  • Carnes, Rick: True believers - Finds a closeness to God after claiming to have died in a hospital and brought back to life. 

  • Changed Lives - Testimonies of real people whose lives have been radically changed. 

  • Chase, Devin: Testimonies of Your Fellow Officers - Policemen tell of the positive difference Jesus Christ has made in their lives. 

  • Chilson, Richard: Greater Things Ministries - Testimony of Jesus Christ's saving grace and the Holy Spirit's free gifts of power by former Catholic. 

  • Christian Testimonies - Collection of personal testimonies include miracles, healing, trust, and faith. Also allows readers to submit testimony. 

  • Christian Testimonies For You - Large assortment of testimonies from many witnesses who have something to share. 

  • Cole, Brian: A Miracle of God's Love - An inspirational short story of God working in the life of one family. 

  • Conley, Abby: Night Jesus Came To Visit, The - Personal life story about the night Jesus came to visit and why He came. 

  • Damiano, Joseph: The Nightmare and the Miracle - Christian family testimony of a tragedy that occurred when a woman suffered a coma after delivering her son and her recovery by a true miracle through Christ. 

  • Davis Family: God's Miracles - Michael tells how God healed his cancer, kept his wife Jennifer from dying, and gave them a healthy baby boy. 

  • De Leon, Valerie: Thumper's Casita - Testimony and offer to pray. 

  • De Wolf, Bart: True Christian Testimony & Info For Christians - An evil spirit is cast out, coincidences with world events, fire of the Lord fell in El Salvador. 

  • Debbie: An Apostolic Message - Shares discovery of true salvation. 

  • Debbie's Miracles - Learn about three miracles that have happened to her. Through abuse and poverty, prayer changed everything. 

  • Doctor Mike: The "Living For God" Home Page - Sharing spiritual stories for the purpose of strengthening faith and encouragement to bear good fruit on a daily basis. 

  • Dominguez, Sonny - Testimony from a teen set free from addiction to pornography. 

  • Downey, Dan: Abiding in the Healing Word - Collection of healing testimonies, healing scriptures, poetry and praise. 

  • Dykstra, Wiebe Jan: Life Story - Biography and testimony of growing up in Holland during the outbreak of World War 2. 

  • Esther's unusual story - A handicapped girl tells of her relationship with God. In both German and English. 

  • Evans, Jesse - Relates his Christian testimony from prison. 

  • Forrest, Dorothy: Family Ties - A woman relates how God delivered her from smoking on this page. 

  • Frank: Alcoholism vs. Jesus Christ - A recovering alcoholic tells of his struggles and his Victory through Jesus Christ. 

  • Fritts, Jason: Christian Testimonies Online - Testimonies with links to Christian missionaries, and prison ministries. Provisions to add your own testimony is included. 

  • - Encouragement I felt to share as my wife suddenly fell ill and died at the age of 49, leaving me alone in a (foreign) town in which I knew nobody. 

  • God's Love - Brief personal testimony and links. 

  • Goodman Jr, Pastor Francis D: Christian Testimony - Testimony of Pastor Frank Goodman who went from being a police officer to pastor. 

  • The Gospel of Paul - The account of a man robbed and the events that followed. 

  • Guzdziol, Joe: Touched by the Hand of God - Saved and set free from alcohol and drugs, a man shares what the Lord Jesus Christ can do in a life. 

  • Helen: Freedom Reigns - Testimony of overcoming difficulties and deafness. Includes poems, stories, and sign language. 

  • Hileman, Joyce: Breast Cancer Conquerors - A testimony of healing from breast cancer, a number of healing scriptures, and family pictures. 

  • Holloway, Jodie: Christlight Testimonies - Tells her own story and invites contributions. 

  • Holmes, Derek: How to find God - This is the true testimony of one man's search for God. 

  • Horgan, Paul M: Born Again Biker - Testimony of a Christian biker and how he put drugs and partying behind him. Links to Christian motorcycle clubs. Warning: Loud music without controls. 

  • Hot Pursuit - Saved from a life of violence, crime, and drugs. A fugitive for 10 years running from a 25 to 40 year prison sentence returns to face the charges after receiving the Holy Ghost. 

  • In the Darkest Hour - A personal testimony for those who have suffered physical, emotional, or verbal abuse. 

  • Jennifer: Leaving Mormonism for the Lord - Personal testimony about leaving the Mormon church. 

  • Journey of Faith - Explains how God provided for him in a thirty year journey. 

  • Julie: Jesus is Lord - Shares one woman's personal journey of faith, including marriage and family life and experimentation with drugs. 

  • Karissa's Testimony Page - Read how a Church trip to the Montana Rockies changed her life. 

  • Kate and Charlotte: The Truth, the Light and the Way - Read their testimonies, sign the guest book and enjoy the fun and games. 

  • Kate and Mel: Lady of Yankalilla - Personal encounters with Mary, healing miracles, and supernatural photos. 

  • Kid's Ripple Makin' Page - An encounter with Arthur Blessitt 

  • Kodiyil, John: How I met Jesus - From Catholicism to Islam to a relationship with Jesus Christ; the search for and discovery of a living, loving God and savior. 

  • Lambert, Adam: Adam's Page - Tells of a deliverance from 20 years of alcoholism and drug addiction, also original poetry and links. 

  • LaRue, Jan - Chief Counsel of Concerned Women for America tells how she came to faith in Jesus Christ and her current calling. [PDF] 

  • Lineberger, Marty: Life and Hope - Marty is battling cancer, and has a message that speaks to all hurting people. RealPlayer required. 

  • Louise: Mother Tells it Like it is. - A mother of five tells how Christ made her life worth living. 

  • The Man Who Saved My Life - Saved from evil spirits by God's intervention. 

  • Martin: Friends Forever - A testimony of our faith in Jesus Christ. 

  • Marty: LongRider's Testimony - Testimony of how Jesus saved this biker from a life of drug and alcohol abuse. Testimony of US President G.W. Bush is also included. 

  • McCormack, Ian: A story of resurrection and the afterlife - Ian McCormack was diving off Mauritius when he was lethally stung. This is a story of the afterlife. 

  • McDaniel, J.A.: Christian Testimonies for Jesus - A collection of Christian testimonies. 

  • McEvoy, William: Born Again Billy - This is the personal testimony of a born again Christian. 

  • McMaster, Pete: Soul Winners - Personal testimony about the deliverance from a life of drugs. Articles include Demons and Broken Chains. 

  • McQuinn, Larry: God's Treasure Pouch - Testimony about open heart surgery and recovery. 

  • Meeting with Jesus Christ - [English, French] The author, suffering from Landouzy-Dejerine Myopathy, tells how he met Jesus Christ. 

  • Michael: A Gathering of Christians: Testimonies. - Short postings of personal deliverance. (Requires Java) 

  • Mike: For Christs Sake - A collection of testimonies that claim to defy secular logic. 

  • Mike: My Loves - Testimony of acceptance of salvation by faith not action. 

  • Moreau, Emmanuel: A Man's Testimony - Here is a testimony of a broken man saved by the love of God. 

  • My Christian Walk! - Stories of encouragement and commitment to Christ. 

  • Neavi Isaac: Living Connections Ministry - Offers salvation and miracle testimonies from New Zealand. 

  • Nick's Sanctuary - Nick Payne is a Christian living and worshipping in central England. His website is an ongoing personal testimony that wrestles with faith, the news, relationships and the media. 

  • Only Jesus Can Satisfy Your Soul - A young college co-ed shares her testimony and inspirational thoughts on this page. 

  • Pastor Debi - The story of how a woman went from child abuse victim to ordained minister. 

  • The Presence of Jesus - A series of articles describing personal experiences of visions of Jesus. 

  • Promise Keepers Canada: Testimonies - Testimonies from members of Promise Keepers Canada with submission form for additional testimonies. 

  • Providential History of the Bentsen Family - Providence is the wisdom, care, and guidance believed to be provided by God. This is a description of the Lords hand in our family. 

  • Racey, Tom: - A testimony of God changing a life, personal interests, and links. 

  • Real Hope Community Church - Several members tell of their conversion and salvation. 

  • Rebuilding the waste places - Dedicated to rebuilding waste places and lives that are in ruins. Also focuses on Messianic Prophecy and Israel. 

  • Reflection Of Grace - Daily entries of a young lady journaling her thoughts and experiences in her Christian walk. 

  • Richards, Tommy - Delivered from addictions and depression. 

  • Rindfuss, Rev R.G.: Wealth in the Word - Testimony of an atheist who became an ordained Christian minister 

  • Road to Salvation - Testimony, FAQ, and offer of free Bible. 

  • Roberts, Chancellor: Ex-Gay Testimony - Former homosexual and former pastor and Bible teacher now serves in ex-gay ministry in Buffalo, New York. 

  • Ruhf, Robert J. - A man's conversion at age 16 and the process of learning and growing that followed. 

  • Sartoris, Sophie: A Revelation of Truth - Testimony of coming to know the true God of Christianity. 

  • Schizophrenia - A biography of God's grace to a man diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. 

  • Shawneda - This young woman shares the story of her life to show that with God, nothing is impossible. 

  • Shephard, Victoria: A Converted Wiccan - A journey from legalism to Wicca and finally to Christianity. 

  • Skeen, Pepper: Living in the Tree of Life - Personal testimony of salvation and how Jesus has changed a life from one of brokenness and despair to one of joy and love. 

  • Slavin, Kerry: God at Work Today - Christian testimonies from around the world including healing, salvation, provision, protection, and communion with God. 

  • Steve: My Son, the Christian? - A book-length testimony of a Jewish family and how they met Jesus. 

  • Stories of the Mission - The testimonies of people helped by the Open Door Mission in Rochester, New York. 

  • Strickland, Kevin: The Man Who Changed My Life - A man who spent 36 years of his life trying to find happiness the way the world said it could be done.



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