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Christian Education and Living : Pastors


  • Adams, Craig L.: A Few Old Books from My Library - Weidman, Michigan. United Methodist minister offers online books by Daniel Steele, Harmon Baldwin, and some Wesleyan works.   

  • Adrian's Blog - Blog by Adrian Warnock, a regular preacher at Jubilee Church in North London, UK.   

  • The Aesthetics of Religion by Reverend Wayne Plumstead - Pastor of Park United Methodist Church discusses the philosophy of Aesthetic Realism.   

  • al Opusunju, Rex - Abounding Love Christian Centre, Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria. A sermon on victory, favorite quotes.   

  • - A United Methodist minister with sermons, blogs, podcasts, and help with the loss of a pet.   

  • Baldwin, Bill - Philosophy of ministry, papers on theological topics, and Bible studies.   

  • Bartkow, Dan J.: Challenge of Faith International - Music and internet radio program ministry.   

  • Bertoli, Thomas Edward - Pastor of Messiah's Christian Fellowship Las Vegas, Nevada. Author, seminar speaker, and host of call-in radio show "A Biblical Perspective for Truth."   

  • Bieber, Keith: Keith's Grace News - Vernon, British Columbia, Canada. Articles about God's love and strange grace. Links to original song tracks.   

  • Bixby, Bob: Pensees - Blog by Pastor of Morning Star Baptist Church in Rockford, Illinois.   

  • Black, Ian - Vicar of Whitkirk, Leeds, UK. Texts of sermons and addresses, and Notes on Closing Churches.   

  • Bowing Down - Music Pastor. Thoughts from a follower of Jesus Christ.   

  • Bowles, Ken: Spiritual Insights Page - Bible questions answered, family genealogy.   

  • Boydston, Brad - Cornerstone Covenant Church in Turlock, California. Weblog, sermons, thoughts, and family information.   

  • - Senior Pastor of Christ's Church of the Valley in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. Weekly e-mail devotional.   

  • Broome, Tony - Pastor of Senior Ministries at the South Henderson Pentecostal Holiness Church. Share my personal life and talk openly about blindness, expose disability myths, and provide guidance for spiritual and accessibility issues.   

  • Brown, Tom Ministries: Word of Life Church - Pastor and founder of Word of Life Church in El Paso, Texas. Topical articles and ministry events.   

  • Brunson Jr., John H.: G & M Ministries - Inspirational thoughts and personal testimony of God's calling.   

  • Buck, Roland: Angels on Assignment - Accounts of the visits of the angel Gabriel to Roland Buck, an Assembly of God minister.   

  • Bunting, Ken: Where to Be Free - Short Bible topic index, Arminian theology defined, and how to memorize Bible verses.   

  • Cabajar, Jose - Pastor of Ilagan Baptist Church in Ilagan, Isabela, Philippines. Poems, sermon outlines, Christian cartoons.   

  • Carr, Anthony J. - Writer, nurse, and minister of Wren's Chapel, Wroxall, United Kingdom.   

  • Chamberlin, David: The Chamberlins' Pages - Anglican clergyman's biography and CV, and poems by his uncle, Eric Chamberlin.   

  • Dailey, Ben - New Generation Ministry - The speaking ministry of pastor Ben Dailey. New Generation Ministries.   

  • Dean, Robert: Dean Bible Ministries - West Houston Bible Church. Bible and doctrinal classes, sermons, and graphics in MP3 and PDF format.   

  • Diamond, Rick - Writer and pastor of Journey, Imperfect Faith Community in Austin, Texas.   

  • Ekman, Ulf - The founder of Word of Life Church in Uppsala, Sweden tells about the church, its missions, and news of their Bible center.   

  • Fehr, Pastor Tom - Pastor of Alliance Church in Thompson Falls, Montana. Discusses life, family, and church.   

  • Ferber, Mike: - Youth pastor at Evangelical Congregational Church in Clarksburg, West Virginia. News, events, and photo galleries.   

  • Fillers, Charles: Spiritual Assistance - Greeneville, Tennessee based minister offers help with Bible study and prayer.   

  • Frank, Pastor - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Real Life Church charismatic ministry information.   

  • Freeman, Scott - A preacher considers faith, family, and culture.   

  • Gamble, Roger: Ambassadors of the Father - Stories of ministry activity and offer to lead seminars and training. [requires Java]   

  • Gilyard, Darrell - Pastor of Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville, Florida. 'Ask Pastor G' column and archive.   

  • Griffith, Cory - IBC Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Audio sermons (mp3).   

  • Haggard, Ted - New Life Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Biography and beliefs.   

  • Harris, Joshua - Senior pastor of Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye and other books on Christian relationships.   

  • Harstone, Alan - Saskatoon Evangelical Free Church, Canada. A prophetic look at current events.   

  • Haworth, Paul and Kathrine - Holy Trinity Church in South Woodham Ferrers, the Essex Clergy Charity, reflections on information technology, parish teamwork, and Paul's Commonplace Book.   

  • Hess, C. David: The Parson's Page - Pastor of West Henrietta Baptist Church. Weekly column on matters of faith, current events, and issues.   

  • Hiestand, Todd - Pastor at The Well in Feasterville, Pennsylvania reflects on living missionally in suburbia.   

  • Kurowski, Mark: - Pastor offers spiritual guidance, general or specific.   

  • Lorenzini, D. Massimo: Maximum Massimo - Missions in Italy, motorcycling, Biblical and doctrinal studies including a jet tour of the Bible.   

  • Mackwell, Jonathan - Assembly of God minister. Testimony, some audio sermons (WMA) and a prayer ministry manual (PDF).   

  • Magnum, Andy: Andy's Awakenings - Arlington, Texas. Disciples of Christ pastor reflects on Scripture, faith, and life.   

  • Malone, John: - Millard Community Church in Omaha, Nebraska. Audio sermons [mp3], forum, and chat.   

  • Manning, Matthew C. : - Founder of LightHouse World Evangelism in the San Francisco Bay area. Testimony, offer to speak, and e-mail newsletter.   

  • Mark Beaird Ministries - Senior pastor of the International Worship Center of Huntsville, Alabama. Audio and video sermons, sermon outlines, and inspirational articles.   

  • Mark D. - Senior Pastor of Irvine Presbyterian Church, Irvine California. Blog, sermons, reviews, and articles.   

  • Mary: Preaching to the Choir - Ph.D. student and ordained minister writes about her life.   

  • Maynard, K. L.; reBOOT Ministries - Links and information on receiving free sermon tapes.   

  • McFarlane, Reverend Clinton - Information and guidance on wide range of issues also personal calendar of events.   

  • Melugin, Ray - Baptist minister and speaker offers help to churches.   

  • Miles, Tony - Methodist minister in the UK, broadcaster, media chaplain and author. Offers details of his ministries and family, also prayers and worship.   

  • Moser, Pastor C. L.: The Homeplace Mission - Teachings from the Word of God along with some stories and short, personal biography.   

  • Muncherian, Steve: - Evangelical Free Church of Merced, California. Online sermons indexed by Bible text, selected sermons downloadable in Armenian (PDF).   

  • Nakao, Kunizo - [English, Japanese] San Diego Japanese Christian Church. Testimony and sermons including a series from the Gospel of Mark.   

  • Nation, Jack: Christian Internet Ministries - Christian resource with Bible trivia, games, and answers on tough Biblical questions.   

  • Newell, J. Philip - Church of Scotland minister and Writer Theologian for The Cathedral of The Isles on Cumbrae. Celtic prayers and chants (mp3).   

  • Oudemolen, William: Mile High Rev - Preaching and pondering in Littleton, Colorado.   

  • Pattillo, Zelma Mullins - Birmingham, Alabama. Hospice chaplain and ordained Baptist minister. Credentials and biographical information.   

  • Peterson, Brett: - Senior Pastor of Living Water Fellowship and president of Coastine Christina Bible College. Articles on Bible and theology.   

  • Petry, Dan: Pastor Dan's Page - Middlebury, Indiana. Church of the Brethren parish information and photo galleries of fishing and bird watching.   

  • Piper, John: Desiring God Ministries - Sermons, Bible teaching, and poetry.   

  • Poulton, Ian: For the Fainthearted - Blog of an Anglican priest in Dublin, Ireland.   

  • Praying Mantis - Thoughts and meditations on the noble and ordinary.   

  • Pryde, Thomas: NeoFundamentalist - Exploring issues of doctrine and ecclesiology through proactive fundamentalism.   

  • The Ray C. Stedman Library - The teachings, expository studies, and books of Ray C. Stedman, late pastor of Peninsula Bible Church in Palo Alto, California.   

  • Rhode, Jason - Collection of children's ministry and online learning resources.   

  • Richardson, Lindsay: The Methodist Church in the Caribbean - Information on the Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas, brief biography, and some sermons.   

  • Roberts, Darin: Garywood Kingdom Kids - Children ministries pastor shares his procedures, policies, and experiences.   

  • Roberts, J. D.: 24SevenPrayer - Prayer requests and articles about the rapture.   

  • Rogier, Larry: Stuff Out Loud - Grace Baptist Church, River Rouge, Michigan. Life, theology, and communication.   

  • Rose, Toviah and Michelle - Information on the Jewish roots of faith in Jesus, constitutional issues, health and healing through Bible study, prayer and application.   

  • Rutherford, Ken and Grace: Life in the Faith Lane - Sermon notes.   

  • Schemper, Erica - Pastor and teacher in the Presbyterian Church (USA). Sermons and blog offering thoughts about religious life, society, and knitting.   

  • Schneider, Ed - Pastoral philosophy, theology, and church growth.   

  • Schultz, Neil: Nourished Soul - Grace Community Church, Ramona, California. Thoughts on spirituality, ministry, leadership and the community of God.   

  • Shaw, Jeremy - Beacon Lough Baptist Church, Gateshead, United Kingdom. Life through the eyes of a Baptist Minister. Podcast sermons.   

  • Simon, Barry and Stephanie: - Leadership philosophy and beliefs, multimedia downloads in a variety of formats.   

  • Slaughter, Mike - Ginghamsburg United Methodist Church near Dayton, Ohio. Brief biography and speaking schedule.   

  • Smith, Alan: Thought for the Day - White House Church of Christ in White House, Tennessee. Daily devotions by e-mail. Online archive and sermons.   

  • Smith, T. D. (Wayne): The Brook of Cherith - Bible and topical blog by transitional pastor based in Georgia.   

  • The Sobie Family - Scott and Oksana Sobie and their ministry in Ukraine and America, photos, and testimonies.   

  • Southerland, Paul A.: Redeeming Ministries - Chicago, Illinois. Pastor of Redeeming Church of Christ: worship services, Bible studies, webcast sermon archive (WindowsMedia), and child care services.   

  • Springett, Simon - Commando-trained Chaplain in the Royal Navy. Essays on a variety of theological subjects plus some freeware links.   

  • - Father Robert Lyons, a Presbyter of the Christian Church, Synod of Saint Timothy (an autocephelas Catholic jurisdiction), featuring spiritual writings and information on science fiction and spaceflight.   

  • Stromer, Eugene - Springfield, Illinois. Interim Minister with Episcopal Church. Family photos, sample sermons.   

  • Swift, Emil and Michelle: KingdomScribes - Blog. Pastoring Christian Life Fellowship in Willow Creek, California.   

  • Vicent, Rich: Theocentric - New Life Christian Fellowship in Glastonbury, Connecticut. Blog about knowing Christ, ecclesiology, theology, and culture.   

  • Villines, C. Joshua - Homilies, papers, lecture notes, and weblinks dealing with Protestant Christianity from a Neo-Orthodox perspective. Photos and family genealogy.   

  • Watson, Howard: Christian Study Pages - Elkview, West Virginia. Short, devotional articles and family photo gallery by Baptist minister.   

  • Wolfe, Brother Fred - Southern Baptist Convention. Traveling pastor based in Canton Georgia. Brief biography and schedule.   

  • Wright, John Wesley - Church of the Nazarene in Mid-City (San Diego, California). Blog containing reflections, sermons, and rants.



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