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Christian Education and Living : Essays


  • Allan, David W: The Faith of a Scientist - Spiritual articles, particularly relating to LDS, and patriotic writings of a physicist.   

  • Begnaud, Robert J.: Make Straight the Way of the Lord - Series of articles critical of conventional Christianity.   

  • Bouter, Chris: Institutio Scripturarum - [English, Dutch] Bible studies, poems, and doctrinal articles.   

  • Demuth, Mary E.: Relevant Prose - Columnist, freelance writer, and novelist presents her work along with writing tips, receipes, and vignettes of some friends.   

  • Disciple Dave: The Gospel of Your Salvation - An on-line book providing instruction in righteousness   

  • Dolphin, Lambert: Resource Library - Large collection of articles and original essays from a Christian perspective on topics including God, the Bible, and science.   

  • Gibbons, Larry: One God Two Names - Introduces the Bible, its themes, and basic issues of Christian living.   

  • Gideon, Eytan Ben: The Search after the Truth of Elohim - An Israeli who converted to Christianity shares his reasons and testimony.   

  • Hicks, John Mark - Online articles in theology and Biblical studies by Professor of Theology at Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee.   

  • Hostetler, Bob - Christian author and speaker with selected articles and biographical information.   

  • Jesus is the Light of the World - Topical articles challenging popular notions with Biblical truth, Christian stories, and Bible study lessons.   

  • Kinneer, Jack: Echo Hills Christian Study Center - Essays on Christian basics, worship, and reformed theology.   

  • Laird, Douglas - Large collection of articles on Bible, religion, and devotional topics.   

  • Legg, David: Reformed Biblical Theological Articles - Essays the Devil, baptism, worship, and bringing up children.   

  • Lehardy, Charles: Another Think - FAQ, topical essays on Christianity in the post-modern world.   

  • Miccoli, Frank: In Search of the Cross - Articles, testimonies, and Bible exposition.   

  • Moore, Rob: - Mysticism, Gospel of Mark, prayer, social justice, and Rene Girard's theories applied to theology.   

  • Moyer, Doy and Laurie and Forrest: Study Well - Articles in the areas of Biblical studies and apologetics. Tribute to Forrest Moyer.   

  • O'Hearn, Tim: Minutes with Messiah - Articles from monthly bulletin. Bible questions and answers. Information about the Riverside church of Christ in Albuquerque, New Mexico.   

  • Olive, Penelope: Life and Doctrine - [French, English] Essays and Biblical analysis pertaining to the culture, the Church, and Christian living.   

  • Pickle, Bob: Research Papers - Bible prophecy and doctrinal articles.   

  • Reason 4 Living - Answers to common questions about faith, society, and Christian living.   

  • Roy, Frank: Christ Jesus Lord and Savior - Bible-based articles, favorite resources.   

  • Schweers, Brion: Heal Me Lord - Spiritual FAQ, articles on the themes of love, life, law, and learning. Testimonies and discussion forum.   

  • Staggs, Israel: Jesus PC - Testimony and author's books The Secret Place, a kind of spiritual fantasy, and 666 which looks at numeric patterns in the English Bible. [Java]   

  • Stevens, Bob: The Olive Branch - Bible topics, articles, and inspirational short stories.   

  • Tao of Christ - Pastor follows Christianity in dialogue with the ancient truths of Tao.   

  • Turner, Allan: Re: Thinking - Topical and theological articles, Bible commentaries, biographical introduction, and the Newton Church of Christ.   

  • Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Online Essay File - Large collection of essays by author, subject, and Bible passage (RTF, PDF).   

  • Wood, Ralph C. - Baylor University Professor of Theology and Literature. Essays include J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, P.D. James, G.K. Chesterton, and Flannery O'Connor.



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