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Christian Education and Living : Institutions


  • Abundant Life Christian College - An affordable distance-education Bible College with several degree programs.   

  • AE21 Distributed Education - A Seventh-day Adventist high school distance learning program.   

  • Bethany Bible College and Seminary - Baptist distance seminary with a trans denomination student body.   

  • Biblical Apostolic University - An Apostolic Pentecostal source for distance learning, offering degrees in Theology, Ministry, and other courses of study.   

  • Calvin School of Apologetics And Theology - Free distance-education in theology, apologetics, counseling. Masters thru Doctorates. Textbooks supplied free on CDs. Mentor for each student.   

  • Christian Leadership University - Distance learning Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees in Christian counseling, theology, divinity, Christian arts, Bible, prophetic ministry, youth ministry.   

  • Church Divinity School of the Pacific - Non credit distance education and an occassional for-credit courses. Several subjects available.   

  • eBethany - Information about the distance education programs, syllabus, faculty, etc. of the Bethany College [AG].   

  • El Shaddai Institute of Applied Theology - Ministry, certificate, diploma or degree programs available by distance learning.   

  • Indiana Wesleyan University Online - Offers the opportunity to take one course, finish a bachelor's degree, or start a master's degree in a number of fields.   

  • Institute of Theological Studies - Theological training programs through distance education.   

  • International Bible College & Seminary - Distance programs at all levels, including doctoral programs in theology and related subjects.   

  • International Biblical Online Leadership Training - Christian Leadership distance education program available to students around the world.   

  • International Institute of Church Management - Distance education bible programs tailored for people in developing countries.   

  • Internet Bible College - Ministerial, Theological, Biblical and Christian studies by email to students unable to attend a Bible College.   

  • Kingsway Christian College And Seminary - A college with many centers around the world, offering associate through doctoral programs via distance education.   

  • MAF Distance Education - Promotes the use of computer based learning for delivering Bible and Theology training to Christian leaders. Includes Flash demonstration, and information about the project.   

  • Maria Morley Pentecostal College - Non-accredited college offering ordination and training. Includes brief information about the college including contact details.   

  • Master's Divinity School - Associate to Doctorate programs offered worldwide through distance education.   

  • Millennium Harvest Seminary - Courses (online and traditional correspondence), ordination and fellowship. Focuses on psychology, psychotherapy and theology.   

  • Moody Online Education - Courses, syllabus, and information about Moody Bible School online training programs.   

  • Mount Carmel Institute of Biblical Studies - Distance degree programs and majors in Biblical Studies, Evangelism, Ministry and Theology.   

  • New Wine Bible Institute - New Testament and Old Testament Certificate Programs.   

  • The Pavel Florensky School of Theology - Distance degree programs in (Eastern) Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Protestant theology.   

  • Pillsbury College & Seminary - Graduate school with distance learning degrees in Christian counseling, theological studies, biblical counseling.   

  • Rescue College - Programs to prepares men and women for successful administrative and direct care careers with rescue missions.   

  • Saint Paul Theological College - A non-denominational college offering non-accredited degrees. Site includes information about the college and its courses, and includes a newsletter.   

  • School of Christ International - Information about training pastors around the globe, courses, fees, and prospectus.   

  • Scofield Graduate School - Calvinist theology-school offering masters level distance education.   

  • South African Theological Seminary - A bible-based, christocentric distance education seminary, from certificate level programmes to master of theology.   

  • Southern Christian University - Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral Degree Programs through distance education. Biblical and secular subjects.   

  • Southwest Bible College & Seminary - Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral Degree Programs through distance education in Theology, Counseling, Ministry & Christian Education.   

  • St. Andrews Theological College and Seminary - Offers graduate and undergraduate degrees ecclesiastically sanctioned by the Orthodox Anglican Communion.   

  • St. Stephen's Correspondence Courses - Ecumenical online, non degree, theology courses.   

  • Sure Foundation Bible Institute - Virtual Bible school, offers courses to students worldwide. Associate to Bachelors programs.   

  • Taylor University's Center for Lifelong Learning - Detailed information about secular and biblical distance education programs and syllabus.   

  • The Telos Institute International - A Biblically based postsecondary educational institution offering a curriculum built around principles and analogies found in Scripture.   

  • Texas Christian University - Listing of several distance education programs in secular subjects.   

  • Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary - Provides biblically-based nonresident undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate theological education. Site includes full details of courses, contact details, background info, and application forms.   

  • Trinity Southwest University - Distance programs in Bible, theology, biblical archaeology, Hebraic studies and biblical counseling.   

  • Warner Southern College - Online education, pastoral studies, MBA, and other programs, associate to masters.   

  • World Bible School - Free Distance learning Bible courses by Internet, email and print. The site includes background information, message boards, syllabus, and online application.



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