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Christian Education and Living : Education


  • Annual Recreation Workshop    - The ARW is a non-profit organization which trains leaders of recreation    and leisure ministry within the Christian Faith. Contains information on    current and previous workshops, registration, a country store, scholarships    and special information. 

  • Association for Hispanic Theological    Education - Organization of US, Canadian, and Puerto Rican Protestant    educators. Offers programs, membership, goals, background, contacts, and a    book list. [English/Spanish] 

  • Christ for the Nations Bible School -    Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Offers a one year Leadership    certificate and a two year Practical Theological diploma. 

  • Christian After School Clubs -    Conducting after-school clubs, teaching children the Word of God and how to    apply it in their lives. 

  • The Come Back To God Campaign    - A missionary society, including Adelaide Bible College, missions,    catering, audio visual, and professional printing. 

  • Decatur Masters Commission -    Discipleship training. One to three year programs. Information on the    organization, their mission, directors, goals of program, application form,    products available (to come soon), and calendar of events (to come soon). 

  • Learn - TruthSeekers - Our    discipleship aspires to Biblically minister lay believers to spiritual    maturity in Christ. Information on courses, Bible studies, registration,    ministry support, schedule of events, and a radio station. 

  • Logos Bible Institute -    Theological school offering certificates and degrees to pastors,    ministers,and others who desire the knowledge to work, war and witness for    the kingdom of God 

  • Logos System Associates -    Midweek ministry that involes youth, children, parents, pastors and members    of the congregation in a four-part program where Christian relationships are    modeled and practiced. Provides training materials, catalogue of items,    seminars and conferences. 

  • The Mountain Retreat -    Reformed Christian theology, apologetics and eschatology, classic and    historical reformation literature. Contemporary Bible studies. 

  • Port Austin Bible Center: Bible Law    - Courses offered and fee schedule. Scriptures and commentaries on an    extensive list of selected topics. 

  • RE Today - A comprehensive    support for Religious Education professionals, including news of    competitions, job vacancies and initiatives within the world of RE 

  • St. John in the Wilderness Church    - Adult education series with online notes, reference lists, and    downloadable handouts. 

  • TESOL - English-speaking    school at Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo (Congo), Africa. Serves    the needs of missionary families of various denominations. 

  • Thornhill-Centre    - Thornhill centre is situated on the banks of the river Foyle, Derry, N.    Ireland. Information on retreats, programs, ministries, events, and purpose.



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