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Christian Education and Living : Temptation


  • Advice on Sexual    Temptation - Practical advice for a Christian teenager struggling with    sexual temptation. 

  • The    Anatomy of Temptation - How temptation works, based on biblical    scriptures. 

  • Articles on    Overcoming Temptation - Eleven articles of varying length and quality on    aspects of temptation, from a Christian church page. 

  • Battling Online Temptation    - Christian men and the battle of temptation over the internet. 

  • Cybersex    Temptation - How porn on the internet is affecting Christians; from 

  • Dealing with    Temptation - Essay on temptation, based on Christian Bible and the    temptation of Jesus, Mathew 4:4. 

  • Exposition    of Matthew 4 (1556) by John Knox - Full title is: A Notable and    Comfortable Exposition upon Matthew IV, Concerning the Temptations of Christ    in the Wildeerness. 

  • The Great Temptation    of Jesus - Analysis of how Jesus matured in his reaction to temptation,    culminating in the confrontation with Satan. 

  • Handling Temptation    While Losing Weight - From the ABCs of Weigh Loss Psychology. 

  • The Heart of    Temptation - Article from a Christian church page. 

  • The Last    Temptation Reconsidered - Starting point of this article on temptation    and Christ is the movie, The Last Temptation of Christ. 

  • Lead    Me Not into Valley of Temptation - One writer's humorous exposition on    the temptation of being preoccupied with chasing fortune, from the San    Francisco Business Times. 

  • Lead    Us Not into Temptation - Sermon by William Woofenden on the line from    the Lord's Prayer. 

  • Nave's Topical    Bible: Temptation - Links to biblical verses addressing general and    specific temptations. 

  • On Temptation -    Digitized version of the Christian classic by John Owen (1616-1683). 

  • Overcoming    Temptation - Long article in parts on dealing with temptation, in the    context of Christian teachings. 

  • The    Problem of Temptation - What to do when you fail. 

  • Smoking:    Self-Efficacy / Temptation - Short form that helps quantify the degree    of temptation in situations that provoke smoking. 

  • Temptation    - From, a list of archived articles on the topic of    men and temptation. 

  • Temptation -    Discusses temptation and sin and suggests strategies based on biblical    interpretation. 

  • Temptation -    Brief article presents guidelines for facing temptation, with links to other    articles. 

  • Temptation - Advice as    found in Christian scriptures on handling temptation. 

  • Temptation -    Two articles: What Does the Bible Say about Temptation? and Selling Out for    the Desire of the Moment. 

  • Temptation of    Adam and Eve: Images - Images of classic art works depicting Adam's    temptation and the expulsion from the Garden of Eden. 

  • Temptation of Christ    - From the Catholic Encyclopedia, an article analyzing the meaning of the    temptation of Christ as reported in the Bible. 

  • The    Temptation of Jesus - From a larger work on the study of God and evil,    an article detailing the meaning of Jesus' struggle with temptation. 

  • Testing    Temptation: The Meaning of Q 11:4b - Technical analysis of temptation in    what is considered to be the primary source material for the bible.



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