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  • Agape Outreach -    Evangelism and music ministry based in Belton, MO. Features devotions,    prayer requests and book recommendations. 

  • Al Menconi Ministries - Helping    parents, families, and leaders to deal with entertainment from a biblical    perspective and to teach biblical values through Christian music. 

  • Ambassadors For Christ    - Provides Bible study, chat, discussion board, prayer request, testimony,    live broadcast and video. 

  • Apologetics Information Ministry    - Strives to provide solid Biblical teaching on many pertinent issues.    Broadcasts, articles, papers, biographies and contact information. 

  • Bethel Ministries -    Articles on subjects such as the rapture, last days, apostasy, prophecy,    demonology, the Church and practical Christianity. 

  • Bible Headquarters -    Evangelism, Bible study, and cultural commentary. 

  • Bible Life Ministries - Presents a    Bible summary as well as many Bible studies about salvation by grace,    forgiveness, love, creation science also Christian top-ten music hits,    dispensational studies, crisis pregnancy, marriage counseling, Bible search    feature and links to other sites. 

  • Biblical Foundations for    Freedom - Christian renewal with web-designed discipleship materials    built on the scriptures including subjects like worry, anxiety, lust, fear,    marriage, parenting, godly living and moral purity. 

  • Broadcaster - Interviews and    stories on topics like bullying, the Bible and money, risks of attempting    suicide, the dangers of cults also sound files. 

  • Built Anew Ministries -    Bible studies, devotions, chat room, prayer, devotional, seminars and    encouragement in the Word of God. 

  • The Challenge of America Ministries    - Providing Bible teaching for personal spiritual revival, personal ministry    outreach and evangelism. Articles on revival, gospel, holidays and current    issues. 

  • C-h-i-l-d - Seeking to encourage    Christians to celebrate Him in daily life. The ministry, the celebration,    God's promises, verse cards, everyday life, salvation, contact and    community. 

  • China Horizon - Sermons,    articles, and publications for outreach to Chinese by Samuel Ling. [Some    Chinese]. 

  • Christian Discovery Series    - Topics to stimulate minds and hearts and encourage search of the    Scriptures. 

  • Christian Reflections -    Inspirational stories, spiritual growth poems, words of wisdom and funnies    for everyday Christian living. 

  • -    Encouragement of the spiritual life with devotions, daily Bible verse,    inspiration, worship music, Bible study tools, prayer requests, ministry    tips and theology forums. 

  • Disciplined    Followers - Dedicated to enhancing lives, relationships, families, and    faith in the living God through perspectives and selected Bible verses. 

  • Don't Faint    Ministries - Interdenominational and offering encouragement and    spiritual healing using poetry, writings, audio sermons, prayer requests and    links. 

  • Eagles Wings    Ministries - Devotionals, e-Bible study and tools, hot questions-cool    answers page, prayer room and other resources. 

  • Eternal    Life Ministries - Encourages Christians, shut-ins, unchurched, and    sinners to read the Bible. 

  • Faith Hope Love - Biblical    essays and studies including faith, hope and love by F. M. Perry and other    authors. Commentary on Romans and writings on world missions. 

  • Faith Mania - Articles    and links in the following categories: Apologetics, Bible studies, Christian    living, devotions, faith, family, folklore, healing, health, holidays,    humor, inspirational poems, kids, leadership, men and women, miracles,    missions, money, prophecy and teens. 

  • Fill the Void - Articles and links    that seek to expose the unfruitful works of darkness and help the seeker    find Jesus Christ also items for kids, teens, an online Bible and articles    on Christian topics. 

  • Freedom In Truth Ministries -    Helping people find restoration, truth and wholeness from domestic violence;    child, spiritual and sexual abuse through the work of Jesus Christ. Offers    encouragement, scripture and resources. 

  • Glory Haven - Read, learn,    and look up scripture with the help of the Bible study tools. Check out    Christian sites, software, wallpaper, and devotionals. 

  • Grace and the Truth    Ministry - Has the purpose of encouraging Christians to believe what God    says. Articles, Bible studies, and daily devotionals also prayer, chat,    message board, links and contact. 

  • The Healing Heart -    Offering support to hurting people with poems, stories and prayers. 
  • The High Calling of Our Daily    Work - Aims to connect people in the ordinary circumstances of life with    faith that undergirds and sustains. Library, forum and articles. 

  • - Devoted to exalting    the name, person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. Features text and audio    sermons. 

  • House on the Rock - Committed    to networking and building peoples' lives upon Jesus Christ and His words.    Novel site setting ministry in appropriate rooms of a home and includes    dreams, school, teachings, testimonies, and prophetic proclamations. 

  • Intense Ministries -    Teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, feeding the spiritually and physically    hungry and raising up leaders through the love of Jesus. Photos, articles,    humor, contact and links. 

  • The JC Group    - A Christian Internet organization for young, old, saved and lost. Provides    information, online bible, fellowship, and help in prayer. 

  • Jesus Folk Start Page - Includes    links to creation, evangelism, news, bibles, forums, Jesus biblical    references, heaven, hell, stories, jokes, music, audio and video. 

  • Jesus Is Alive Ministry - Bible study, new    Christian poems/songs and prayer requests. 

  • Jesus Works - Offers free    promotion to ministries who are helping others while spreading the gospel of    Jesus Christ. Web design, web hosting, promotions, publishing and marketing. 

  • Laborers In Christ -    Seeking to make disciples, preach the word and provide Biblical answers to    questions. Bible topic, prayer, answers, Bible search, sermons, news, links    and contact. 

  • Last Trumpet Ministries    - Newsletters produced by Pastor David J. Meyer including scripture readings    and commentary. 

  • Lazarus Ministries -    Ministering to churches who have experienced conflict. Encourage and help    pastors and churches to overcome conflict within the church body. Aims,    objectives, resources and tools. 

  • Light of Life Ministries - Dedicated    to evangelism, bible studies, exhortation and edification for the Body of    Christ. 

  • Living Lilies - Teachings, messages    and publications available in both English and Chinese. 

  • The Living Word Library -    Bible studies, devotionals, testimonies, and topical articles by a London    based, non-denominational, Christian organization. 

  • The Living Word Library - Free    bibles studies, teachings and downloads. Book reviews, material on    relationships, prayer, testimonies, poems, and daily devotionals. 

  • - Provides original    discussion-oriented Bible studies, reference materials, inspirational    stories and famous quotes for personal motivation and spiritual growth. 

  • Make It Clear - Seeks to help    people discover Jesus and develop their walk with Him. Questions and answers    about Christian topics, special youth page and information about radio    broadcasts. 

  • Malachi Ministries - Tries to answer    many important questions about God, creation and salvation. 

  • Mary's Hope - Non-profit organization    created to provide video, print and other resources for the spiritual    healing of adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. 

  • Maschil - Seeks to give an    understanding of the deep things of God's Word and prepare the believer for    the return of Christ by providing many articles on Christian themes. 

  • Nathan Software - Features Bible    studies in various languages, more than 1200 sermons, books and tracts,    mission work with photographs, and stories. 

  • A New You    Ministry - Search the Bible, sermons, prophecy seminars, find missing    children, free literature, prayer requests, Christian education and    interdenominational Church/ministry Directory. 

  • Parbar Westward Bible Teaching    Ministry - Writings of Rev. P.H.P. Gutteridge and Jim Kerwin. 

  • Passageway - Part of the Billy    Graham Evangelistic Association. Features articles, Q & A, forums and    interviews. 

  • Pastor Simon's Teaching    Pages - Systematic Christian teaching for a new millennium. Indexes to    practical answers in a world of questions. Sermon, topic directory, study    course, testimonies, missions, church and contact. 

  • The Prayer Basket - Resource site    that includes prayer, music, databases, missions concerns, meditations and    Bible study. 

  • Promise of Life Ministries - Sermon    outlines, topical articles, and commentaries on Daniel and Revelation. 

  • Recovered Christians Online -    Help for those hurting from life's pains. 

  • Shamar Ministries    - To equip the saints for the work of ministry. Mission, teaching, prophecy,    prayer, poems, links and contact. 

  • Shared Secrets Ministry -    Sharing the secrets of knowing Jesus and making Him known through sharing    Christ and His Gospel. 

  • Single with    Jesus Ministries - A primarily online Christian outreach to single    adults around the world. Features include an email discussion    list,chat,articles, and links. 

  • Singles 'n Faith    - Ministry to help christian singles get acquainted by sharing singleness    and faith. 

  • Smile God Loves    You - Encouragement for Christians. Christian email pals,    inspirationals, testimonies, positive thoughts, prayer and praise,    clean-only jokes and smiles, scripture memorization, names of God and    promises of God. 

  • Sojourner2Heaven - Directed    toward tractor-trailer truck drivers and their families to encourage their    Christian walk with Jesus Christ. Also photos taken of the trucking industry    and roadways of North America. 

  • Spirit of Truth Ministries    - Dedicated to strengthening and edifying the Body of Jesus Christ in its    daily walk with our Savior. Mission statement, history, sermons, associated    ministries, links and contact. 

  • Spirit Restoration Ministry    - Theological articles, Bible search, book reviews, health, Christian news,    youth, pastor's page, worship, event calendar and message board. 

  • Spreading Light Ministries -    Offers theology, sermons, Christian stories, church problems and prophecy. 

  • The Teaching Ministry of Ken Birks -    Online sermons and outlines, Bible studies, and podcasts. 

  • Today in the Word - Devotionals    to assist people walk daily with Christ. Also includes prayer requests. 

  • Today's Good News - Offers a    reflective, meditative journey through aspects of spirituality, with a    number of categories including Mystics, Wisdom, Gospel Commentary, and a    chat room. 

  • True Christian Ministry -    Offers bible study of the religion as practiced by the early church. 

  • United Faiths Church    Ministries - Provides spiritual and crisis counseling, Bible studies,    Christian games for kids, prayer services and ministerial resources, weekly    sermons and articles also offers postal ordination. 

  • Virtual Christian Center    - Bible study resources, humor pages, ecards, inspirational writings, prayer    requests and praise reports. 

  • Warrior in    Christ's Ministry - Looking to offer knowledge and inspiration using    articles addressing major issues in Christianity. 

  • The Word of Life Ministries    - Designed to uplift the spirit, while giving instructional tools to help    with daily Christian life. Includes newsletter, Bible study, praise and    worship arena also online prayer requests.



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