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Christian Education and Living : Morality


  • Bible    On Sex And Marriage, The - Quotations from the Bible says about sex and    from a psycholgy book about sex and marriage. 

  • Christian Marriage and Divorce    - An analysis of the teachings of the Bible and the Early Church on divorce    and remarriage. 

  • Christian    Morals - Online complete text of Sir Thomas Brown's 1716 treatise by    this title. 

  • Christian    Theology and Morality - Where Christian theology and morality rooted in    the best of the past looks at contemporary problems ranging from human    origins to birth control. 

  • Christianity and    Pacifism - When a nation is attacked, as the US was on September 11,    2001, what is the proper response by Christians? 

  • Church Silence Promotes    Violence - Church silence promotes violence to humans, animals,    environment. The intent of this series is to encourage the Church to greater    works of love and compassion (John 14:12). 

  • Cohabiting - Examines the pros    and cons, what's right, what's wrong including religious views of living    together before marriage. 

  • Conditions and Love    - Examines the idea that love is an ethical condition behind law and    justice, that it cannot be without conditions and that love is moral or it    is not love. 

  • Deliver Us From Evil    - An overview of biblical morality as it relates to our modern culture. Does    the Bible still have value in a multicultural society? 

  • Doctrine, then Morality, then    Divinity - Essay aruing that human happiness is tied to being of    virtuous character, which in turn comes from knowing God. 

  • The Elements of Moral    Science (1856 ed.) - Full online text of Francis Wayland: The Elements    of Moral Science (1856), a classic text on Christian morality. 

  • Gospel    Morality: What the New Testament says. - An effort to bring together the    various new testament texts that speak on morality so that the reader may    examine the original basis of christian morality and evaluate its radical    nature for oneself. 

  • Is God Necessary for    Morality? - An email debate between a Christian and two atheists. 

  • Jesus And Paul On    Divorce - Both Jesus and Paul supported divorce rights for    "just-cause" - online article presents divorce support within    contextual settings. 

  • - the ministry of    Lee Wilson, focused primarily on Christian marriage and family issues and    Christian singles. 

  • A look back, a look ahead    - Examines what doctrines are right according to early Christians and    Scripture and seeks the restoration of Christian marriage. 

  • Matthew Moran Ministries -    "Come Now, Let Us Reason Together" - Site providing a    Christian counseling service 

  • Morals, Family Values,    and Ethics - A contrast of Christian and secular humanist ethics from a    Christian perspective. 

  • The Need For a    Moral Code - A short speech by Lee Bohannon that explores the necessity    for a moral code. 

  • Plain    Truth 911 - Links to articles and blogs promoting one vision of    Christian unity. 

  • The Restoration of    Christian Marriage - The web site of Theological Foundations, a    Christian ministry specializing primarily in the areas of marriage and    divorce theology, teaching and practice. 

  • Right and Wrong in    the Christian Context - Article about the definition of ethics,    Christian basis of morality, and free will, from a Catholic perspective. 

  • Sarahs Seed a Christian    Women's Quarterly - A site containing Christian devotionals for women,    associated with a women's quarterly print magazine. 

  • Seven    Deadly Sins - Brief discussions of traditions associated with the seven    deadly sins and their eternal punishment. 

  • The Seven Deadly Sins    - The list of these vices and the virtues they oppose. A reference page with    Dante's Purgatorio notes, too, and other literary/theater references. 

  • Spirit of Hosea    - Encouragement and support site for those who are standing for the    reconciliation of their covenant marriage. 

  • TAMITS - A discussion of    basic moral concepts and the author's insights, mostly presented in archives    of the author's newsletter. Catholic perspective. 

  • Urban Christianz Ministries    - Articles, advice and resources for Contemporary Christians 

  • What the Bible Says About    Clothing and Nakedness - Argues that the Bible does not absolutely    require clothing or forbid nakedness for God's benefit, but that points to a    morality based upon love on this subject. 

  • Wisdom For Living - Essays    and observations on Christian living and the decisions involved in a moral    and ethical life and call for a return to morality in living. 

  • World Religions    Index: Morals - Examines if all religions point to the same truth or all    religions lead to God and if there many paths to heaven. This site offers a    comparison of major world religions and religious philosophies. 

  • Writings on    Christian Nonresistance and Pacifism from Anabaptist-Mennonite Sources.    - An extensive links page of pacifist resources.



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