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Christian Education and Living : Devotionals


  • Arise with Christ - Words of    Inspiration that will give a spiritual uplift to each and every day of the    year. 

  • A Bible Devotion - Scripture texts    with reflections. A daily e-mail also available. 

  • Bible Food Devotional - Free    weekly, non-denominational E-mail devotional. Archives and contact. 

  • Bible Verse of the Day -    Single Bible verse to read or can be sent by email. 

  • Catholic Faith Teachings    - Reflections and prayer requests, Stations of the Cross, Divine Mercy. 

  • C.H.    Spurgeon's Morning and Evening Devotional - Daily inspiration by the    'Prince of Preachers'. 

  • Christian Daily Devotions by phone    - Sign up for daily phone calls with recorded bible messages and Christian    daily devotions. 

  • Christian Fellowship Devotionals    - An inspirational word for every day, either e-mail or on-line. The    archives may be browsed by topic, author, or Bible reference. 

  • Christian    Warriors - Bible studies, thoughts, poems and inspirational stories. 

  • The Christian Worker - Spiritual    food email or online. 

  • Closer Walk Ministries    - Weekly reflections, prayers and scriptures to help face the challenging    issues of today's world. Opportunity to post prayer requests. 

  • Coffee Stains - Spiritual    growth stimulator that tries to create laugher and thought. 

  • Daily - Inspirational writings by    e-mail or on-line, invitation to submit material and opportunity for prayer    requests to be posted. 

  • Daily    Contentment Devotionals - Emailed daily devotionals make a concerted    effort to apply the Scripture to daily living needs. They discuss having    contentment although there is stress in daily living. They are an effort to    relate the Bible to emotional, mental and spiritual needs. 

  • Daily Devotionals    - Especially for people who live with chronic illness or pain email or    on-line. 

  • Daily Devotions - New devotions    each day of an inspirational nature. 

  • Daily Encouragement Net -    A Bible-based message of hope and encouragement. 

  • Daily inspirational Bible readings    - Offering thoughts on Bible passages daily. 

  • The Daily Journey -    Free inspirational messages to celebrate walking with Jesus on-line or    email. 

  • Daily    Miscellany - Reflections, quotes, and historical events. 

  • The Daily    Mustard Seed - Bible verse and commentary chosen to serve as reminder of    God's presence in people's lives. 

  • A Daily Reprieve - A    message of hope and inspiration for recovering people. Email or online,    responses welcome. 

  • - Daily devotions online    and by email with archive by date. Short Bible verse thoughts and worksheets    to study basic doctrines. 

  • Daily-Devotions -    Inspirational messages online, by email or on desktop. Based on King James    version of the Bible. 

  • Day by Day - Articles and poetry,    to aid in personal spiritual growth and the application of Biblical    principals to daily lives. 

  • Devotional E-Mail - Biblical    message Monday through Friday, by e-mail only. 

  • - Weekly articles by    email or online, with archive. 

  • E-Cheer Daily Devotional - Daily    devotional written by a stroke victim; short, upbeat, humorous and contains    scripture. 

  • - Devotions    illustrated with art and graphics. New devotions are added occasionally. 

  • - Daily    devotionals specifically for women. 

  • E-quip - Messages designed to equip    Christians for witness and service. Updated and emailed daily. Audio version    available too. 

  • Father's Hands Inspirational Poems    and Stories - Illustrated inspirational poems and stories, with photos,    java and art. Seeks to help Christians in their walk of faith. 

  • Find Daily    Devotional Inspiration - Words of encouragement, wisdom, inspiration,    and advice based upon the Holy Bible. 

  • Food for The Father's Lambs    - Daily reflections to read online. 

  • 1 for U - Inspirational messages    which are sometimes fun and sometimes serious. 

  • Gleanings From The Word -    Daily devotionals, short stories and Bible studies designed to challenge.    Online or by email. 

  • Go Believing In God - Seeks to    help motivate, inspire, and lift souls up throughout the world. Daily    thought, quotations and question and answer. 

  • God Calling - Daily devotions    from the God Calling book written by Two Listeners in the early 1930's. 

  • God Today - Devotions sent by email,    also online, to help build faith and inspire. Original work written daily. 

  • God's Daily Word - Daily    devotions and archive (English, Spanish), Bible reading plans, and the    testimony of a prodigal daughter. 

  • God's Minute - Free daily    devotions by email. 

  • - Thoughts to    ponder each week, based on Scripture texts. 

  • Guideposts Online - Motivating    stories, daily devotionals, faith, spirituality, positive thinking, prayer,    fellowships, ecards, and self-help. 

  • Heart After God    Ministries - Daily devotions by email especially for women. 

  • Inspirational    writings from Standard - A year's worth of weekly inspirational thoughts    by Howard Culbertson. 

  • Jesus One - International prayer    requests, testimonies, favorite hymns, and short devotionals. 

  • Just a Minute Inspirational    E-mail - An occasional series of devotional articles supplied by email    but samples can be seen by entering the forum. 

  • Just Give Me Jesus Without The Junk    - Inspirational writings drawn from the experience of life. In both English    and Spanish. 

  • Keys For Kids: Daily devotional for    kids - A daily devotional for kids ages 6-12 that offers stories, verses    to memorize, and Bible readings to learn how the Bible relates to your life. 

  • Kurt's Daily Muse -    Daily inspirations email and online with over 4 years of archives. 

  • May God Bless You - A    series of 31 meditations taken from life-changing experiences. Meditations    and prayers. 

  • Meditation Moment - A    short online devotional. Updated regularly. 

  • Meditations of a Simple Heart - Daily    verse on the site with an explanation and application. 

  • Message Week - A    Christian-content internet video stream sharing words of hope and    encouragement. 

  • The Messenger - Weekly    devotional with personal applications, scriptures,and prayers. 

  • mfaith - Get a Bible message daily on    your cell phone. 

  • My Pilot is God - A daily    thought to celebrate the life that God has given. 

  • Nazirite Ministries -    Daily online devotional sent via email free every morning. 

  • Oil n Wine - Teachings and    meditations on Christian foundations, maturity and leadership principles    written by a group drawn from different parts of India. Includes Weekly    meditations and monthly magazines. 

  • Oswald Chambers: My Utmost for His    Highest - Daily devotions. 

  • Our Daily Bread - A thought    for the day. This is a mirror of the printed version, with links to audio    files and Bible references. 

  • Our Devotions - An assortment of    poems and inspirations, prayers, testimonies, true stories, humorous items    and words of encouragement. 

  • Pause For Thought -    Short daily thought intended for inspiration, growth, belief, awareness and    personal development. 

  • A Pause to Ponder God's Word -    Read Biblical devotions online or by weekly e-mail also archives. 

  • Picture    Beads, Our Lady's Rosary Album - Helps meditation on the rosary by    supplying a holy picture for every bead, includes an 'ecumenical' rosary    too. This is a free program that can be downloaded from this site. 

  • Prayer of the day    - A prayer for each day. 

  • Respirit - Stories, blessings,    prayers, quotes and poems to give inspiration and courage. 

  • Secretmotive Daily    Christian Devotionals - Youth related devotions that can speak to    anyone. 

  • Sowing Seeds    Ministry - A weekly devotional with an attitude. 

  • Spirit of the Dove -    Poems and stories designed to give inspiration of a Godly kind. 

  • Spirittone: Meditations    - Selected Bible passages with commentary and devotional applications.    Arranged by book of the Bible with a new one featured each week. 

  • Spiritual Coffee -    Messages renewed monthly. 

  • Strategic Ministries Magazine    - Messages that seek to inspire, instruct, and encourage the serious    believer, online and email. 

  • This Day's Thought: - A    daily Christian inspired quote or thought meant to lighten and improve the    day, email only. 

  • Thought for the Day    - Thought for the Day from BBC Radio Leicester. 

  • Thought for the Week - Receive by    Email a weekly Bible verse and devotional thought, including bible reading    plan and links to online bible and bible lessons. 

  • Through the Bible - Daily    devotions based on Bible readings. 

  • The Tidbits Devotional    - Free, daily, e-mail only inspirational message. 

  • The Twenty-Third Psalm -    A presentation of the twenty-third psalm with animal pictures and music    [Requires Flash]. 

  • Verse of the Day - Daily Bible verse by    email. 

  • Verse Prints -    Bible verses with scenic graphics, online or by email. Search by Bible    reference or date sent. 

  • verse-a-day - A service to send    a daily Bible verse via e-mail at no cost. Search the entire Bible, browse    past verses, request a verse, and links. 

  • - Virtual faith community    for the hesitant churchgoer with thirty second thoughts, icons and prayers. 

  • The Way - Topically    arranged scripture, proverbs and quotations; conservative Christian outlook    emphasizing self-discipline, integrity, principle, character, chastity,    goodness, morality and virtue. 

  • A Word For    Today - Daily reflections and Bible study. 

  • Worthy Devotions - Bible    based and provided on a daily basis email or online.



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