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Christian Education and Living : Pastoral Counselors


  • Baraka Pastoral Counseling    Center - Counseling, therapy for women's issues, parenting, anger    management, adolescence, marriage, pre-marriage and depression. Articles,    chats, forums and support groups. 

  • Central DuPage Pastoral Counseling Center    - A non-profit, ecumenical organization that provides comprehensive and    affordable counseling, educational, mediation, marriage and family, and    adolescent services for individuals, children, adolescents, families and    couples. Also provides group therapy, ADHD assessment and counseling, play    therapy, EMDR, and psychological testing. 

  • Christian Wellness Group    - Biblically based counseling for todays world. Experienced in counseling    for individuals, families, children, pre-Marital, marital, addiction, abuse    recovery, divorce recovery, and spiritual growth. 

  • Cleanwaters Counseling    Ministries - A faith-based, not-for-profit, counseling ministry    providing free biblical counseling services and educational information to    brethren assemblies in the United States, other countries, as well as to    anyone in need. 

  • Dr. Charles Darwin,    Pastoral Counselor, Marriage and Family Therapist - Pastoral counselor    and marriage and family therapist working in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.    Offers help with family issues and personal relationships, addictions,    eating disorders, and depression. Available for private counseling and group    workshops as well as a consultant to churches and businesses. 

  • Emmaus Pastoral Counselling -    Provides for relationships counselling through individual, couple and family    therapy in the greater Toronto, Ontario area. Sex therapy and marriage    counseling from a Christian perspective. 

  • Faith, Grace and Hope Ministries    - Pastoral services to Christian families in central Massachusetts. 

  • Higher Rock Ministries -    Provides clinical support service, group counseling, behavioral therapy and    treatment planning for individuals,couples,children and families with    psychological needs. 

  • His Words For You    - A free counseling ministry helping people how to renew their lives and    minds as well as their bodies. Covers areas such as drug & alcohol    abuse, eating disorders, sexual addiction; family counseling for blended    families, domestic violence, teen issues and grief recovery. 

  • Ottawa Pastoral    Counselling Centre - Founded in the belief that providing advanced    counselling is a necessary ministry of the Christian community,the Centre    provides support to anyone in need. Includes lists of services, client    profiles, staffing facts as well as contact and location information.



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