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Christian Education and Living : Lincensed Counselors


  • Abiding Hope Christian Counseling,    LLC - Individual and family counseling. Trauma recovery a specialty.    Based in San Antonio, Texas, USA. 

  • Achievement Counseling - Describes    the eastern Massachusetts practice of a licensed marriage and family    therapist whose methods are guided by Christian principles. 

  • Aletheia Counseling - Located    in Goldenrod, Florida, a counseling resource dedicated to providing    emotionally sensitive and spiritual grief and bereavement care for    individuals and families through a distinct Biblical worldview. 

  • Anchor Christian    Couseling - Specializing in a Biblical approach to counseling in the    areas of depression, premarital and family, sexual, mental and general abuse    counseling, and addictions. Located in Bismarck, North Dakota with offices    in Beulah and Dickinson. 

  • Angry Kids - Counseling and help    for anger management in children and teens. Group and individual work as    well as parental support done in a Christian atmosphere. 

  • Blue Water Center for Christian Counseling    - Professional counseling for individuals and families in the Port Huron    Area. Counseling is provided from a Christian perspective. 

  • Bowden McElroy Counseling    - Provides professional counseling and therapy services to individuals and    families in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. 

  • Brenda Dunne - A    licenced marriage and family councelor in the state of Georgia. 

  • By Peaceful Waters Counselling    Services - Offers individual, marital and family counselling by    Christian professionals, including an integrated approach to counselling    designed to minister to the whole person, addressing spiritual, mental,    emotional, and physical needs. 

  • Capstone Counseling -    Assists people to become fully functioning spiritually, psychologically, and    relationally within a Christian worldview. Offices throughout the greater    Seattle area in Mountlake Terrace, Kirkland, and Renton. 

  • Cascade Christian    Counselling Association - Provides healing solutions for relationship    issues in marriages, parent-child situations or other interpersonal    situations based upon Biblical principles and insights. 

  • Chino Hills Counseling    - Offers individual, marriage, family and child counseling services.    Includes information on appointments, services, articles, seminars and staff    profiles. 

  • Christian    Counseling Associates - Santa Rosa - A group of professional therapists,    devoted to Christ and committed to providing Biblically based counseling for    individuals, marriages, and children. 

  • Christian Counseling Centers    - Established in 1983 as a non-denominational, non-profit community mental    health agency. It is the largest provider of Christian counseling and    psychotherapy services in Northern California. 

  • Christian Counseling    Ministries - An interdenominational ministry founded in 1978. The    mission of CCM is to help individuals, couples and families achieve God's    best for their lives. Trained, experienced professionals, give direction for    listening, reading and viewing materials to augment the healing process. 

  • Christian Counselling,    Inner Healing, Art and Play Therapy - We provide individual marriage    family & child counseling, prayer counseling as well as books articles    and links on counseling and spiritual topics. 

  • Christian Family Counseling Center    - Individual and family counseling for grief, divorce, mediation, adultery,    sexual orientation, reparative therapy, communications, conflict resolution,    sexual abuse, alcoholics, damaged emotions, crisis, CISM, EAP,    homosexuality. Located in Jacksonville, FL 

  • Christian Walk    Counseling Services - Provides mental health counseling for adults,    adolescents, children, families, and couples from a Christ-centered    perspective. [May not function properly in all browsers] 

  • Christian Wellness    Center, Inc. - Provides Christ-centered counseling to in a safe    environment and through Vashti House, a domestic violence ministry, provides    services to Christian individuals and families affected by abuse. 

  • Compass Christian Counseling    - Rev. Brian Vallotton, Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor provides    faith-based counseling that integrates the Scriptures and sound    psychological principles to help people overcome difficulties and conflicts    as well as the use of termperament analysis which can be a powerful tool for    helping people to understand their unique personality. 

  • Crossroads Counseling Center    - Provides individual, family and gorup counseling. ALso available are    articles on adults, children, adolescents, abuse, addictions, marriage,    anxiety, depression, divorce, grief and loss, stop smoking and weight loss    treatments. Located in Irmo and Lexington, South Carolina, USA. 

  • Dawn Zywiec - Serving children,    adolescents, couples and families and specializing in eating disorders,    post-abortion healing, post traumatic stress disorder and adolescent    therapy. 

  • Diana Roderick, LPC - Christian    Counselor providing professional, individual, family and group therapy and    counseling services, based in Stephenville, Texas. 

  • Directions Counseling Group    - Out-patient mental health counseling for Central Ohio with emphasis on    Columbus, Ohio's Christian community. 

  • Christian Counseling - A    private practice in family, marriage, and individual counseling with 30    years of professional experience. Located in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. 

  • El Rophe Center, Inc. - A    non-profit agency that blends the Word of God with clinical psychiatric    principles. Offices are located in Waxhaw, NC and Rock Hill, South Carolina. 

  • Foresight Counseling -    Located in Gilbert, Arizona, founded as a source of professional counseling    for late teens and adults, either as couples or individually, especially    those desiring a Christ centered, Bible based, orientation. 

  • George S. Thompson -    Individual, child, teenager, family and group counseling services in    Houston, Texas 

  • Grace Counseling    Ministries - Specializing in individual, marital, family and group    counseling. Located in northern New Jersey. 

  • Harold S. Dalton, Jr. -    Provides Biblically based counselling as well as traditional counseling    services which include individual, couples, family and group counseling on a    ongoing weekly basis. Specialty services include drug testing, intervention,    and advocacy with the courts and other social service agencies. 

  • Healing Hearts    Counseling Center - Provides Christ centered, professional services in    San Antonio, Texasm USA. Includes a list of frequently asked questionsa    recommended resource list and contact details. 

  • Healing Wings -    Clincial and Christian based services for teens and adults. Overage of Stark    and Wayne Counties, Ohio, USA. 

  • His High Places - Offers    individuals and couples treatment such as marriage counseling, burn out,    addictions, drugs, drug addictions, manic depression counselling from a    Christian perspective.Located in Boone, North Carolina, USA. 

  • John Thurman, Professional Counselor    - Faith based counseling for individuals, families and couples. Treatment    for depression, anger, couples, affair recovery and parent-teen issues. 

  • Karen P. Allen -    Specializes in marriage , relationship and individual counseling. Located in    Portland, Oregon, USA. 

  • Lakeshore Educational and    Counseling Services - Provides training, seminars, individual and group    counseling services in northern Ohio, USA. 

  • Life Strategies - Counseling,    coaching, and seminars offered from a Christian perspective. Primarily aimed    towards helping individuals but also encompasses family and couples. 

  • Lifeworks Group - Offers    resources, articles, coping skills development and guidance. 

  • Mary O'Keefe - A licensed family    counselor offering services for alcohol, drug and other addictions, as well    as depression, loss and grief, anger management classes, and family issues.    Located in Putnam, Connecticut. 

  • Minirth Christian    Program - A residential care program with facilities offering medical    treatment and animal therapy, as well as private education and counseling. 

  • New Light Counseling - A    private mental health practice in central Indiana specializing in issues    concerning marriages, families and individuals from a Christian perspective.    We also present a variety of workshops and seminars to churches, schools and    other groups. 

  • New Reflections    Counseling, Inc. - Licensed professional counselor offering individual,    martial, premarital, and family counseling based in Lebanon, Ohio. 

  • Northlight Counseling -    A clinical social worker specializing in infertility, and other women's    issues located in Lake County, Illinois. 

  • Turning Point Counseling    - Offers Christian based marriage counseling, anger management, and related    services. Offices are in California. 

  • Wisdom for Living Ministry    - Christian counseling ministry that assists couples in establishing and    preserving stable, God-honoring marriages and strengthening family ties.



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