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Christian Education and Living : Counseling Service


  • Abundant Living Counseling -    We provide counseling services to adults, adolescents and couples. We use an    integrated approach to counseling. A Christian perspective is applied in    combination with proven psychological therapeutic interventions. 

  • Adventist    Counseling Services - An agency of The Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day    Adventists providing for its members counseling with a Christian perspective    for relationship and emotional issues. Offers self-evaluation to determine    whether or not one needs counseling. 

  • Agape Counseling Center    - Located in Tacoma, Washington, offers Christian counseling and training    services as a cooperative group of independent counsellors. 

  • Alabama's Personal    Relationships Inc. - A non-profit, non-denominational Christian    organization committed to building strong families and restoring mental    health. A variety of services are offered, including marital counseling,    individual counseling and seminars for churches and other organizations.    Established in 1985, in Birmingham, Alabama. 

  • Alpine Connection - A    Christ based ministry to teens and parents who are struggling with    emotional, behavioral, and spiritual issues by implementing creative and    experiential counseling opportunities that teenagers respond to. 

  • Apostolic Christian Counseling    Services - Primarily for members of the Apostolic Christian Church,    offers information leaflets and books, as well as a referal service and    counseling centre located in Morton, Illinois, USA. 

  • Bear Valley Counseling Center -    A community-based, non-profit counseling center which provides service for    individuals, teens, adults, families in need. 

  • Biblical Concepts - Couple,    individual and family counselling with a biblical basis. 

  • Biblical Concepts Individual    and Marital Counseling - Provides counseling and resources that are    Biblically based and to give couples and individuals the resources they need    to resolve their personal and marital problems. 

  • Center for Christian    Counseling - offers counseling services for all age groups and every    conceivable problem that involves human difficulties. Specialties include    depression, anxiety, anger, addictions of all kinds, marriage and family    issues, children, adolescents, and individuals. 

  • The Center for Counseling and Growth    - Located in Taichung, Taiwan, offers both Christians and the general public    professional counseling services. 

  • Center For Life Enrichment -    Approaches counseling usingthe central teachings of Christianity and    emphasizing responsibility. 

  • Child and Family Guidance Center -    Counseling for families, youth and children serving all of Tacoma and Pierce    County. Specializes in recovery from sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. 

  • Christian Counseling and Educational    Services - Provides professional counseling from a Christian perspective    as well as educational opportunities to challenge individuals to examine the    Word of God and live accordingly. 

  • Christian Counseling Center    Referral Network - Links people looking for help with professional,    licensed Christian therapists. Use of this site is free. 

  • Christian Family    Institute - A counseling center specializing in marriage and family    therapy. Services include sex therapy, divorce mediation, individual    psychotherapy, child therapy, and Christian counseling. 

  • Christian Guidance and    Counseling Institute - A counseling and training program that is Christ    centered and biblically based. In addition to individual, family and marital    counselling, pre-marital counseling and testing are offered, as well as    marriage enrichment. Counseling for teens and pre-teens is available for:    ADD, ADHD, anti-social behavior, anger, lying, study skills and self-control    management skills. Sessions for children of divorce and separation are also    available. Provides articles on psychological disorders such as depression    and low self-esteem, and offers contact information for counseling. 

  • Christian Therapists    Directory - A directory of therapists who use Christian principles in    their therapy practice. Directory by state, with information about online    counselling and referrals. 

  • Compass Counseling Center -    Marriage, family and individual counseling and therapy from a Christian    perspective with four licensed Marriage and Family Therapists. Located in    Las Vegas, Nevada. 

  • Cornerstone Christian    Counselling Centre - A non-profit professional healing ministry    headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, providing counselling to    individuals, families, churches, organizations, and groups throughout North    America since 1987. Includes programme, staff, training material and other    resource information. 

  • Cornerstone Wellness    Center - Site provide staffing information, some information on    disorders and information for making apointments. Located in Clinton, Iowa. 

  • CounselCare Connection    - Providing caring, Christian counseling for people struggling with    depression, anxiety, grief, addictions, abuse, spiritual, marriage and    family issues. Seminars, online services and resources. 

  • Counseling and Wellness Services of    Central Virginia - Provides individual, marital, and family counseling    from a biblical perspective. Utilizes a holistic approach to the person that    includes consulting on diet and nutrition to complement the counseling    process where appropriate. 

  • Counseling Associates of Rome -    Provides individual, marriage and family therapy to adults, adolescents and    children. Offers self-assessments, reading recommendations and links to    mental health and devotional sites. Located in Rome, Georgia. 

  • The DaySpring Center -    Christian counseling for singles, couples, and families. Teens, marriage and    other areas addressed. Online counseling also available. 

  • Deep Release Christian    Counselling - Offering healing of blocked emotions using Primal    Integration Therapy and emotional healing for Christians by qualified    psychiatrist and counsellors. Also ministry weekend and training courses for    Christian counsellors. 

  • Desert Streams Christian    Counseling Services - This site describes the services available through    a Christian Counseling Center in Kalamazoo, Michigan such as marriage and    family and emotional well-being. Online and email services are also    available. 

  • The Door Counseling Center    - Established in 1996 in Utica, New York, providing counseling from a    Christian perspective for a wide range of problems. Employs a sliding scale    of fees for those with limited income. Contains information on specialties,    newsletters and a discussion on what CHristian counselling is. 

  • The Dove Center - A non-profit    organization which provides faith-based counseling, consulting and life    restoration services via in-office, intensive on-site (lodging and    counseling) or telephone formats. 

  • The Encourager - Barnabas    Counseling Center - Located in San Mateo, California and established 13    years ago, services are available with premarital, marital and individual    counseling issues. 

  • Expectations Counseling    Center - Christian biblical counseling for marriage and family, anxiety,    stress, depression, children, adolescents, grief and issues with God. 

  • Family Consultation    Service - Established in 1971 offers professional services based in    strong Christian faith. Non-denominational providing counseling, teaching    and training that supports the ministries of local churches of a wide    variety of denominations. 

  • Family Resource and Counseling Center    - General counseling and family resources in the Lancaster and Chester    county areas of eastern Pennsylvania and northern Maryland, USA 

  • Gentle Shepherd Counseling Center    - A comprehensive Christian based center provides traditional counseling,    divorce recovery, mediation and children's art therapy. 

  • God's Word Ministry -    Offers counseling and educational services for depression,anger, stress,    addictions, sexual abuse, and infidelity. [Requires Flash plugin] 

  • Good News Specialized Ministries, Inc.    - Non-profit, interdenominational counselling service, education center    offering clinical services in individual, family, marital, child,    adolescent, adult, and group counseling. 

  • Grief Watch - Based in Portland,    Oregon and offers support to persons who are grieving, and seeks to assist    organized efforts which address the systemic injustices within society which    are the source of grief for persons who are poor and marginalized. overview,    support groups and resources. 

  • Healing Word Psychotherapy Services    - Conventional treatment interventions such as cognitive-behavioral    principles, supplemnted by specialized approaches including but definitely    not limited to: healing prayer; a spiritual experience inventory that    identifies possible problem areas; and a personís identity, value and    worth in Christ. 

  • Hopeworks Counseling -    An organization of Christian counselors with various specialties, among them    psychological assessment, group counseling and community education. Located    in Plano, Texas. 

  • In His Name Counseling Services -    Located in Buffalo, New York, provides help and counseling in a number of    areas such as addiction & behavioral problems, anger and anger    management, affair recovery, abortion guilt & sadness, child and teen    issues, depression, anxiety and stress, emotional, physical, sexual abuse,    grief, marital problems and more. 

  • In Step Ministries - A    family counseling center specializing in Step Families. Provides counseling    services, seminars, workbooks and more. 

  • Isaiah 40 Foundation -    Christian counseling and teaching in the areas of healing and personal    wholeness through workshops, courses, and group/individual prayer counseling    sessions. 

  • Jabbok Center for Christian    Living - Provides a haven to meet the needs of battered women, abused    children, substance abusers and many other spiritual and clinical needs that    rob individuals of living a happy and healthy life to the fullest. 

  • Klesis Ministries - A Christian    counseling service for individuals, children, families, and couples. Three    day intensive retreats also available, focusing on inner healing and    spiritual direction. 

  • Life Work Corporation - A    comprehensive counselling program encompassing family, marriage, financial,    career, education and children from a Christian perspective. 

  • LifeCare Counseling    Services - Located in Carmel, Indiana provides a wide range of services    including individual, marriage, and family services, depression stress    management and more. 

  • LifeChangers Counseling -    Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Life Changers is a non-profit, Christian agency    dedicated to helping people succeed in their personal lives. Offers    professional Christian counseling, marriage and parenting workshops and    practical materials. 

  • Lifeline Counseling    Ministry in Atlanta Georgia - Provides marriage coaching and counseling    and offers guide to relationships, communication problems advice and a    divorce effects on children manual. 

  • LifePoint Counseling - A    non-profit organization located in Fort Worth, TX offering services in    counseling, spiritual formation, retreats and a speaking resource. 

  • Lutheran Counseling & Family Services    - Located in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, LCFS is a non-profit, licensed social    service agency providing Christian counseling to children, individuals, and    families as well as educational programmes. Services include birthparent    counseling/adoption, professional church workers, worship help and employee    assistance. 

  • Mandarin Christian Counseling    - Provide non-denominational counseling for families, couples, teens and    children. A private practice counseling group providing counseling, coaching    and training to members and non-members of area churches. Includes    information on counseling, counselors, premarital counseling, personality    inventory details, fees, scheduling, location and contact details. 

  • Maranatha Counseling    Services - An organization committed to helping people address, manage,    and resolve their personal issues in the context of the reality of God.    Discusses approach, staff, appointments and contact. 

  • Marriage and Family Savers    Ministries - Provides personal or telephone counseling and coaching,    assessments, marriage seminars, retreats and marriage mentor training. 

  • Marriage Life Ministry -    Christian marriage counseling, relationship advice, and help on how to deal    with marital unfaithfulness and infidelity from a Biblical perspective. 

  • Maryland Christian    Counseling Network - Network of eight Christian counseling organizations    whose purpose is to support each others' practices and to make known the    services provided within central Maryland. 

  • McHenry Counseling Center - Services    for people wanting Christian based therapy from licensed professionals.    Includes biographies of staff and articles on a variety of subject areas    handled by the staff. 

  • Mender of Hearts - A    biblically based counseling ministry for women and children that offers    counseling and assistance in addressing the pain and needs associated from    various personal and emotional wounds. 

  • Michael J. Kachura, Professional Counseling    - Christian based professional counselling and marriage and family therapy    in Fairfax, Virginia. Provides FAQs Seminar and contact information. 

  • Mind of Hope, Inc. - Seeks to    encourage hope and develop healthy community living among individuals and    families facing difficult emotional, mental, and relational challenges,    through community-based programs and services. 

  • Nagisa    Munday - Counselling services for life problems located in Bromley,    Kent, England. 

  • Narramore Christian Foundation    - Christian psychology and mental health organization, offering counseling    training programs and missionary renewal seminars. 

  • New Hope Addiction Counselling    - Counselling those addicted to alcohol, drugs, gambling or related    problems. Uses a Christian perspective in helping deal with the problems of    life. Addiction is regarded as only a symptom of the problem. 

  • New Hope Christian Counseling    - Provides therapy services to adults, families, children, and teens in Katy    and west Houston, Texas. 

  • New Reflections    Counseling Inc. - Individual, marriage, premarital and family counseling    based on a conservative Christian worldview in a safe environment. Located    in Lebanon, Ohio. 

  • NewLife Christian Counseling Ministry    - Providing counseling service for individuals and couples as well as    training and certification for faith-based counselors and therapists. 

  • Prayer    Counseling Ministries - Christian counseling through prayer and    assistance for churches in ministering through schools and seminars. Prayer    Counseling assumes that the problems and issues presently in a person's life    are usually symptoms of trauma and pain experienced at a young age and    internalized negatively and seeks to guide the person in identifying,    exploring reconciling and healing. 

  • Reconciliation Ministries    International - A nonprofit counseling and teaching organization with    the goal of more deeply connecting individuals and families to God,    impacting individuals and families, lay-ministers and professional    counselors through counseling, teaching, seminars, retreats and annual    conferences. 

  • Recovery Ministries -    Marriage, family and addiction counseling. Specializing in counseling those    in the Christian ministry both pastors and church staff members who are    encountering marital and emotional problems. 

  • Reed Family Counseling Center    - Christ-centered, Bible-based psychological counseling serving churches,    families and individuals. Rev.Stephen E Reed II, B.S.,B.C.C.C. Board    Certified. 

  • Renewal Christian Counseling and Ministry    Center - Offering Christ-centered individual, family, pastoral and    theophostic counseling and psychotherapy. Located in Michigan. Includes    information on services and fee structure. 

  • Rock Of God - Desert Rock    Christian Counseling specializes in relationship issues, mood and though    problems, addictive behaviors, sexual issues, and spiritual issues. 

  • Russell Counselling -    Offers services in southern Manitoba, Canada or via telephone from anywhere    in North America. 

  • Sabbath House Ministries    - Provides counseling from a holistic perspective involving assessment and    interventions in the spiritual, emotional, physical and social realms from a    Christian approach. 

  • Salem Christian Mental Health    Association - Counsellors and agencies that take a Christian approach    for those dealing with drug dependency, family violence, divorce, grieving,    depression, and other issues. 

  • SingleVISION Ministries - Christian    counseling available in person, by phone, email, or teaching cassettes.    Includes articles, faqs and other online resources. 

  • Southwest Counseling    Associates - A non-profit ministry started by the Mission Hills Church    of Littleton, Colorado. Services include psychotherapy, coaching,    consultation, evaluation, supervision, training and public presentations.    Site includes self-evalutation. 

  • Stonebriar Christian Counseling    Associates - Provides Christian, Bible-based counseling in Frisco,    Texas. Licenced therapists and psychologists counsel with adults, couples,    families, children and teenagers in a number of areas. Information on    services, staff, location, resources and contact details. 

  • W. R. Mercer Counseling Solutions    - Counseling from a Christian perspective for marriage, premarital,    parenting, self-image, depression, anxiety, compulsions, anger,    communication, co-dependency psychosomatics, sexuality and self-image. 

  • Wellspring Christian Counseling    Services - A community based, Christian service located in East Lansing,    Michigan. Provides counselling for abuse and incest, adoption, anxiety,    ADHD, children and teens, depression, divorce, eating disorders, gender    identity confusion, grief and loss, life adjustments, marriage, parenting,    stress management among others.



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