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Christian Education and Living : Counseling Organizations


  • American Association for Pastoral    Counselors - Provides information to its members, potential members and    the general public about the association. Training, conferences and how to    find a counselor. 

  • American Association of Christian    Counselors (AACC) - Assists Christian counselors and the entire    community of care by providing a counselor directory, topical publications    and journals, and training opportunities. 

  • American Association of    Christian Therapists (AACT) - Certifies qualified Christian and pastoral    counselors. Site contents include history, membership and certification    information, newsletter, education and seminary links, forms and    application, and related articles of interest. 

  • Association for Pastoral Counseling and    Supervision - APCS offers experienced guidance for parish pastors and    counsellors seeking pastoral and clinical supervision. Site includes    membership information, newsletters, articles and suggested readings. 

  • C.A.R.E., Inc. - A non-profit    Christian organization for survivors of ritual abuse. Includes articles,    prayers, and a discussion forum. 

  • Florida Association of Pastoral    Counselors - A non-profit organization and network of Christian/Pastoral    Counselors. Contains member resources and a directory of members. 

  • International Association of Pastoral    Counselors - A professional association of clergy dedicated to the    support and development of pastoral counseling. Offers networking    opportunities, continuing education, suggested readings, spiritual    direction, and training information. 

  • The International Christian    Counselling Association & Immanuel Restoration Ministries - A    collection of free Christian counseling and traditional family value    resources and links. A non-profit humanitarian aid and development ministry    that offers mediation, counselling, education and youth work society. 

  • National Association of Nouthetic    Counselors, Inc. - Certification, referral, training programs. 

  • The National Board for Certified Pastoral    Conselors - A non-profit, independent, voluntary credentialing body for    pastoral counselors. 

  • National Christian    Counselors Association - Provides training and certification from the    NCCA as well as personal, marriage, and family counseling. Locaterd in    Olympia Washington. 

  • Troubled With - Immediate Help    Long-term Hope - A collection of articles, resources and Christian    counseling referrals organized by topic around family issues and concerns.



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