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Christian Education and Living : Online Counseling


  • Agape Christian    Counseling Online - Online Christian Counseling services for people    seeking emotional and spiritual growth. 

  • Telephone Counseling    - Christian based short-term counseling to assist in resolving, personal,    interpersonal, and spiritual problems 

  • Barnabus Christian Counseling Network    - Providing Christian counseling online. Includes information on    consultations, journalling and related matters. Includes a fee schedule. 

  • - A    free, e-mail counselling service focused on Biblical Counseling to equip    individuals for the battles of life. The focus of psychotherapy is to    address the issues of the past, painful relationships, unconscious    motivations, psychiatric illness, and seeks to help people move from a place    of crisis to a more acceptable level of daily functioning. 

  • The Center for Peace in the Family    - Catholic-based phone counseling, prayer support, self-report    questionnaires, other resources for marriage, family life, teen parenting,    depression, etc. 

  • ChristianTherapyNet.Com    - A counseling service that provides an opportunity to establish a    relationship with a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has training    in the area of Christian Counseling. 

  • Counseline - Telephone    counseling for both individuals and couples and three day marriage    intensives. 

  • Crosswalk People Helpers -    Christian marriage and family counseling, testing, and advice offered    online, via chat or email. Express Advice feature gets an answer within 24    hours. 

  • Dr. Dennis Gibson - Christian    counseling in person in our Carol Stream, Illinois office, via the Internet    or over the phone. Brief, results oriented therapy. 

  • Dr Fran Young - A Christian    psychologist providing counseling using chat and e-mail. Counseling for    realtionships, marriage, divorce, grief and depression; as well as anxiety,    shyness, parenting issues, career change, anger management, loneliness, low    self-esteem, unresolved childhood issues, work conflict and adult problems. 
  • e-Minister - A    Presbyterian minister(s) who provide answers to e-mail questions about    matters of faith and life. If not able to directly address issues then    referrals may be made to some other professional who can offer better    assistance. A mailing list is also available. Located in Aotearoa New    Zealand. 

  • Encouragement Christian    Counseling and Coaching - Dr. Beverly J. Miller, NCC, DAPA, CCBT offers    biblically based professional counseling and coaching services to    individuals, couples, and families. Sliding scale fee. In person or by    telephone. 

  • Family Care Counseling -    Telephone counselling specializing in the healing of emotional woundedness    and codependency. Located in Petersburg, Florida. 

  • Family Counseling    Ministries - Dr. Don Dunlap is a counselor who specializes in telephone    counseling from a uniquely Christian perspective. 

  • Family Resources Inc - The site    offers reading material on mental health, online counseling, information and    links to materials for the Christian family. 

  • 4 Hurting Christians -    Lay personal support for those who have suffered hurt and pain and been    wounded by others and the church. Free resources, articles and personal    dialog. 

  • New Hope Online - Christian    organization providing live counselling access including a teen and crisis    hotlines, articles on various topics, referral lists, self-tests, volunteer    applications and contact information. 

  • Online Christian Counseling -    Provides advice and counselling in relationships, emotional or behavioral    disorders, addictions, grief, spirituality, abuse and recovery, and careers.    Option include email, chat or telephone. 

  • Open Arms Internet Ministry - A free,    (nouthetic) counseling ministry that believes that the Bible really is    sufficient for the problems we face every day. Yahoo Chat, ICQ, e-mail. 

  • Penewit Center for Counseling and Education    - Online counseling therapy temperament therapy and pastoral/Christian    counseling and psychotherapy. 

  • Prophetic Prayer    Counseling and Innerhealing - Online prophetic (spirit-led, anointed    & professional) prayer counselors trained to minister to the emotionally    hurting, drug addicted, depressed, and sexually abused. Counsel also for    those seeking personal prophetic ministry or understanding of God's call    into ministry. 

  • Shepherd Counselling    - Qualified, caring therapist provides Christian counseling by email or    chat. Valuable self-help resources as well. 

  • Springtime Healing    Ministry - Offering christian counseling and theophostic phone    counseling; prayer based and biblically centered. Healing, workshops and    other ministerial services offered. 

  • Still Waters    Spiritual Counseling - Spiritual counseling and guidance in Honolulu,    Hawaii, or by e-mail or phone. Healing, miracles, and prayer requests.    "A Course In Miracles". Help with relationships, fear, depression. 

  • Victory Thru Christ Christian    Counsel - Internet, phone and in-office Christian counsel/coaching and    self-help materials for spiritual growth. 

  • Woes to Wows    Ministries - Connecting hope to the hurting - a peer counseling    ministry.



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