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Christian Counseling Education

Christian Education and Living : Christian Counseling Education


  • College    of Counselling - Clinical & Pastoral Counselling program that offers    a framework for counselling within a person-centred perspective, integrating    clinical research and pastoral psychology, drawing upon the work of many    practitioners in the general counselling and pastoral care fields. Includes    course and program details, staffing, fees, and contact information. 

  • Direction For Life - A charity    that focuses on training people to be counsellors A UK based Christian    counsellor training organisation in a modality called Theotherapy. Includes    course details and organisation information. 

  • The Face of Anger - Anger    management materials for professionals, Christian counselors and other faith    based programs. 

  • Gateway Biblical    Counseling and Training Center - Counseling center offering free and    provides counselor training leading to certification or college level    degree. 

  • Grace Christian Counseling Ministries    - Provides counseling and training for certified Christian counselors. 

  • Institute for Biblical Counseling and    Discipleship - Training, resources, and counseling services. Includes a    monthly case study section that allows comments via e-mail. 

  • Institute for Nouthetic Studies -    The Institute for Nouthetic Studies features the teaching of counselling    techniques by Dr. Jay E. Adams, author of Competent to Counsel and scores of    other books about biblical counseling. 

  • Institute of Pastoral    Counselling - Nottingham-based organization aiming to provide    high-quality professional counsel training which takes serious Christian    theology and spirituality. Offers Day Seminars and a diploma in Advanced    Pastoral Counseling. 

  • International Institute of Faith-Based    Counseling - Training for those wanting to become faith-based    counselors. 

  • Island Pastoral Services of    Victoria, BC - An ecumenical educational and counseling center located    in Victoria, British Columbia 

  • The Journal of Biblical Counseling -    The JBC is a publication of the Christian Counseling and Educational    Foundation in Glenside Pennsylvania which provides publication and training    courses in Christian COuncelling. 

  • The New Testament Psychology    Institute - The NTPI is an educational agency that explores the    psychological principles of the New Testament. 

  • Pinpoint School of Biblical    Counselling - Pinpoint teaches Biblical Psychology and counseling    through Correspondence Courses and Seminars. Dr Allan Anderson's 20 years of    experience in counseling has resulted in the establishment of this School. 

  • Resource Christian    Counselling - A Christian counselling organisation based in the south of    England providing training to prospective counsellors. 

  • Theophostic Ministries - A    Christian Counseling training program for treating a wide variety of    problems using Theophostic techniques. 

  • Tretment Inc.    - Provides information and training for Christian counselors in Rational    Emotive Spiritual Therapy (REST). 

  • Walk Right In - Life coaching,    counselling and christian counsellor training courses based in London, UK.    {Requires Macromedia Flash] 

  • Waverley Christian Training - UK    organisation which offers counselling courses in Surrey, England.



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