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Christian Education and Living : Christian Advice


  • Acquire the Legacy - Provides    advice for those who are struggling with life issues. Offers a free    bi-weekly newsletter. 

  • Advice for    new Christians - Guidance for newly converted Christian believers. 

  • Advice For Living A    Christian Life - Offers a selection of advice articles. 

  • Biblical Advice -    Biblical references to help with various issues and problems. 

  • CenterWeb - Help by    teens for teens from a Christian perspective. Write in with questions also    articles and real stories on issues like love, sex and relationships. Goals.    resources, links and contact. 

  • Christian Advice - Offers    comprehensive advice on almost any subject from Christianity through to the    Bible, sex, dating, singleness and marriage with Biblical quotations to    support what is being offered. 

  • Christian Advice -    Christian advice from pastor Jeff Yelton of the Reformed Presbyterian    Church. 

  • Christian Family Network - UK    resource for Christian families offering parenting tips, advice, information    and resources. 

  • Christian Mentoring -    Christian site designed to be a safe place to share burdens and receive wise    counsel from a Christian brother or sister, free e-mentoring and weekly    devotional newsletters. 

  • Christian Success    Principles - Helping others achieve success personally and    professionally through principles found in the Holy Bible. 

  • Christians Abroad - Offers    Christian advice and support to prepare individuals for overseas mission    activities. 

  • Covenant Coaching -    Specializes in Christian spiritual growth and family issues. 

  • Dear Vince -    Relationship and dating advice. 

  • Grace Only - Advice and resources    for new believers. 

  • Love's Answer - Love's Answer -    Articles, Products and Advice, help for Christian living. 

  • Lust Free Living Organization -    Curriculum for Christian young men who struggle with lust and sexual issues. 

  • PARENTHOOD a    divine stewardship - Provides applied truths from the ministry of    Watchman Nee and Witness Lee on practical Christian parenting in raising    children through character training and spiritual development. Offers    monthly paper. 

  • Power To Cope - Four Bible-based    guides to help people find peace of mind. 

  • Running Empty - Advice and    thoughts about love and other emotions expressed in short, spiritual    writings. 

  • Seeking God - Christian    stories giving meaning to life, also looking into science & what the    Bible says, also RE Lesson Plans for Key Stage 2. 

  • Sing Praises    To The Lord - A Catholic-based website devoted to peoples on a spiritual    journey. Features include prayer, catechism, scripture, articles, humour,    beautiful religious art, and more. 

  • Stay Free - A Bible question and    answer program for radio and television with Michael Bassett. 

  • Titus Institute -    Biblical teaching with sound doctrine on many of todays popular religious    issues such as dating, marriage, and the end times.



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