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Christian Education and Living : Christian Living


  • Absolute Holiness - Using a    Biblical perspective, holiness in a Christian life is defined, asks if it is    expected by God and examines if any Christians have stopped sinning. 

  • The Ark - Discusses practical    spiritual growth in reference to sanctification and grace and other    contemporary issues. 

  • Authentic Walk Ministries -    Free discipleship course designed to help a Christian grow. 

  • The Best Life - Promotes the    Christian faith as the best source of fulfilment and abundant living with    Bible commentary features, prayer requests, FAQs and other features. 

  • Bible Bell Chronicles -    Bible-based guidance on family, human relations, personal needs and    problems. 

  • The Born Again Christian Page -    Reflections on topics about Christian living. Mission Statement &    beliefs, apologetics, links, polls, public forum and prayer requests taken. 

  • The Christian    Life - Seeks to help Christians in their walk of faith using life    lessons from the Bible, stories and poems of encouragement and inspiration    also contact. 

  • Christian Steps - Challenging    articles which seek to help disciples of Christ progress in their walk of    faith one step at a time. New additions each month. 

  • Christians, A Live by    Faith Movement - Teachings on many issues including money, sex, Bible,    science and prophecy, also tracts for many situations and advice on    problems. 

  • The Cosmic Gift - Personal    stories, testimonies and inspiration for living life for Jesus Christ, with    information on the kingdom of God, signs of the end and other articles. 

  • Counting the Cost - Examines    the idea of abundant living through responsible spending, stewardship,    relationships, spiritual growth and service and blessings with ideas,    insights and inspirations, both on-line and e-zine. 

  • The Crossings Community - Seeks to    improve Christian ministry in the secular world through educational    programs, research, publication, and networking with kindred spirits. 

  • CyberSaint - Seeks the well being    of all Christians through singles ministry, doctrinal apologetics, Christian    education (Bible study), intercessory prayer and Scenario publications. 

  • The Empty Tomb - Helping    Christian Believers understand that God's forgiveness is "Once for    All". 

  • Exchanged Life - Sermons,    Bible study, prophecy, and Trinity studies. Essays on creation and    evolution, with an emphasis on giving scientific evidence for a short    chronology of this earth. 

  • Food for the Soul - A    collection of materials to uplift the soul. Includes messages, jokes,    advice, friendship and words of wisdom. 

  • The Good Steward - Promotes    the principles of Biblical stewardship and shows how they can be applied    through life stewardship, financial management, giving and environmental    issues. 

  • Grace Place    - Seeks to bring the Body of Christ closer to the Lord and one another    through fellowship, prayer, devotions, Bible study, teaching, words of    encouragement and links. 

  • Grace Points - A variety of    articles about the Christian faith plus links, stories, poems, a forum,    quizzes and guest book. 

  • help-for-you - Provides    articles to foster Christian growth - for Christians and those seeking to    become Christians. 

  • Hiking the Trail of Truth    - Offers an informative, educational and inspiring trek into understanding    more about God, the Creator, through the things he has made. 

  • House of Hope - Seeks to help    Christians learn to grow, trust, obey, serve, rest and experience God's    victory. Outreach, chat ministry, marriage divisions, Bible study, search    facility, seasonal items, books, poetry and links. 

  • - Popular destination    for Christian living support and community with forums and chat rooms. 

  • Jesus Loves Me - Articles about life and    faith, original poetry, short stories, and personal testimonies. 

  • The Living Sword Ministries -    Bible based articles to teach Christian living, church history, and    doctrine. Includes end-time teachings. 

  • Living The Solution -    Practical everlasting solutions to life's many challenges. Site features    articles, resources, prayer requests, Bible search and shopping. 

  • The Moral Foundations    of Love - Makes the case that love, to be love, must be conditional. 

  • Mr. Renaissance: The Christian Living and    Apologetics Website - Home of Le Penseur Réfléchit, a weekly Christian    living and apologetics newsletter, and papers and essays about practical    Christian living. 

  • New Christian Life Ministries -    Resources for new Christians including interactive Bible study, study    materials, and on-line tracts. 

  • A Passion for Faith &    Grace - Seeks to encourage and help believers with essays, an    interactive forum, quotes, thoughts, devotionals, God's promises and 'Why    Christianity?'. 

  • People of Faith .com -    Practical articles, devotions and resources for everyday Christian life. 

  • Personal Help and Ministry    - Christian topical teachings, resource sheets, prayer requests and    "one on one" ministry offered by Crossroads Christian    Communications Inc. 

  • Promise of God - Inspirational    poems and stories with photos and art which seeks to help Christians in    their walk of faith. 

  • Repentance - Shows the    importance of repentance and how to joyfully repent in order to continue and    deepen a relationship with God. 

  • Sentido Contrario -    Discussion about the experience of having Christ in one's life. Both English    and Spanish-Español using Bible Study, research and quizzes with essays and    comment. 

  • Spirit Song Ministries    - Seeks to challenge people with various articles on worship in Christian    life. 

  • Third - Shares thoughts,    resources and Bible studies as well as trying to stimulate conversation on    various topics of Christian interests also encouragement to action. 

  • Welcome 2 Jesus - Articles on    salvation found in life with and belief in Jesus. Topics such as healing,    eternal life, faith prosperity, peace and doubt with a prayer garden,    testimonies and links. 

  • WGHATAP Ministries - Prayer,    devotions, Bible reading plan, inspirational stories, and many links. 

  • Wholesome Words - Biography    resources, children's corner, Christian home and family, missions, poetry,    quotes and contact.



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